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[Issue 227] How Can I Become a Champion Programmer? In this newsletter, Heinz talks about some characteristics that are useful if you want to become a successful champion Java programmer. [Issue 226] Discovering Where Threads Are Being Constructed How can you discover all the places in your program where threads are being constructed? In this newsletter we create our own little SecurityManager to keep an eye on thread creation.
[Issue 225] Hiding Interface Methods Whenever a class implements an interface, all the implemented methods have to be public. In this newsletter we look at a trick that we can use to make them private. [Issue 224] Book Review: Mastering Lambdas: Java Programming in a Multicore World In his latest book, Maurice Naftalin takes us on a journey of discovery as we learn with him how Lambdas and Streams work in Java 8.
[Issue 223] ManagedBlocker Blocking methods should not be called from within parallel streams in Java 8, otherwise the shared threads in the common ForkJoinPool will become inactive. In this newsletter we look at a technique to maintain a certain liveliness in the pool, even when some threads are blocked. [Issue 222] Identity Crisis The JavaDocs for method Object.hashCode() seems to suggest that the value is somehow related to memory location. However, in this newsletter we discover that there are several different algorithms and that Java 8 has new defaults to give better threading result if we call hashCode a lot.
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